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Updated: May 31, 2022

These words of inspiration are taken from my friend Laurie J. Robert’s (Hartley) beautiful book Heart Stone Messages. On the day I wrote this, there is no question how I was nudged by spirit. I was very deliberately led towards my bookshelf, grabbed this particular narrow small book squeezed in between bigger, thicker books, and flipped through the pages until I landed on this statement. I immediately sat and the rest came pouring through me as I listened:

Trust in the Divine is my shelter in the storm. I love the storm. I embrace the storm. The storm makes things interesting. And the storm scares the sh*t out of me. It is by Divine Design that I live my life. I am reminded lately of all of the signs and symbols and proclamations I made to the universe, and co-creative actions I took, at the time before I met my husband 15 years ago. My history of being with emotionally, physically, spiritually distant men died the day I met him. But all of those storms I endured, I loved every one of them. Because I knew in my heart of hearts that each storm would clear the great big sky I live under now. Trust in the Divine is my shelter in the storm. Coming out of the spiritual closet was one of the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I had to be OK with people thinking I wasn’t perfect anymore- at least that was my perception of what they thought of me. I was no longer “the” anything, except ME. Finally, I was beginning to see the experience of the real me, and not just in private. You see, I was practical, logical, successful, clear headed, in charge. I was the friend, the mother, the wife, the daughter that made everyone else feel good and comfortable. Coming out of the spiritual closet, or the Woo Closet some like to say, was quite the storm. I had to be OK with committing to myself first, and other’s opinions second, if at all. Friends I’ve had for years and family – all of those opinions that were important to me- were tested. To some I just got “weird” and to others I must have been having a mental breakdown. Some thought I couldn’t handle “real life” anymore. BUT I knew I had to be in the eye of that storm. I knew there was no turning back to a “normal” (yaaawwwwnnnnnn!!!!!) life where I would be living a lie. I integrated all parts of my true self (still too logical and in charge to a fault sometimes!) and strive each day to be the best version of myself so I can help others do the same. In doing so I have never been more successful, or fulfilled or happy. Be brave! I tell myself. To thine own self be true! I hear Shakespeare’s spirit whisper in my ear. Keep going! my ancestors remind me each time I forget why I’m on earth in the here and now. I know my Divine Design is to help heal people, to be of service, to be the channel through which Spirit can come and give the guidance they need to give. Conventional? Nope. Not yet. That’s OK. I take shelter with my ancestors when I need a rest on my intended path. Because how lucky am I to know this is my path? How lucky am I to be supported by such a wonderful community and loved ones? How lucky am I to be living in my TRUTH! OK, so maybe it’s not all luck, there’s a whole lot of grit and co-creation in there in order to BE lucky, but I love feeling free. It’s so much easier to live out loud and not hide. There is no reward for living a lie. And, like I tell my clients, once you start on your intended path, there is just no going back! Get it, girl! I still struggle at times with “What will they think?” “What will I say?” This tells me I need to be more ME, and that I am not as aligned as I need to be in that moment of insecurity. My faith in the Divine universe is an asset, it’s a common denominator, it’s LOVE. Religious books are not something I put my faith in. However, I can sit and talk to people whose life and faith are connected to religious texts. My faith in nature has taught me that the universe is content when in balance- when the symbiotic relationship between all sentient beings is an equal exchange of give and take. We need each other to create that harmony. HAVE YOU HEARD?

I had a super fun conversation with my friend and fellow healer Damla Aktekin on her podcastConversations with Healers. We talked about intuition, mediumship, healing, transformational journeys and more. Have a listen. It will add a boost to your day! One more thing! My friend Laurie who inspired this Monthly Word is also an immensely talented artist whose work happens to be hanging here until the end of March:

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