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The Power in Silence

 Wow! I have been easing into all of this 2024 energy very slowly! 


Typically, this time of year has me feeling very anxious.   Sometimes, I give in to FOMO, and I scroll with what I perceive as voices yelling at me: What are you selling for the new year?  What cards have you drawn for the rest of the year?  What are your predictions for the new year?  Have you told everybody what they are? Lightworker, rise NOW!


I don’t think any of those messages are negative.  But things only mean what we think they mean, not what they actually are.  Each person brings their lens and interpretation to a situation, a word, or an event.  The hard part is coming to the table as truly an empty vessel.  One empty and void of judgment, preconceived notions, and agenda. 


That said, I can read all of the calls to various Lightworkers in the world and feel exactly OK with exactly where I am and what my unique light is bringing.  It feels really good. I hope you feel that way, too.


As a lightworker, it’s my “contract” to show up as the Hollow Bone for healing.  My Spirit Team has been very busy and vocal with me for months now to slow down, to do less, to rest, and recalibrate myself in such a way that will allow me to be the Hollow Bone of healing authentically (this means to be a clear channel through which spirit can communicate to the person/people in front of me for their and my highest good and better). 


A funny thing happened recently.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, from December 26th through to January 2nd, I really did nothing.  I lay on the couch.  I watched a lot of TV and movies with my kids.  I laid back and enjoyed all the soccer matches without jumping off the coach yelling and/or cheering.  I cooked meals that I wanted to cook, not what I thought I had to cook.  I wore sweatpants all day!!  I went to bed early and slept late.  All the while, I could feel a strong and comforting spiritual presence with me, laying hands on me, letting me know that this was exactly what I needed to be doing, no matter how foreign of a thing it was for me.  And for the first time, I didn’t resist.  I just let it be.


That experience was the container of space I needed to be in so I could move in the direction that I am in now.  That period of rest clarified what is next for me as a lightworker, as someone who is on this earth to be unapologetically me whilst helping as many people as I can find the path they are meant to walk on in this world.  The period of rest isn’t quite over yet.


So often, we ask the wrong questions- or rather, we ask the questions of the universe that don’t imply a co-creative relationship.  My experience over the years has informed me that the moment I ask the universe, Why Me? I am shown a road of misery.


One phrase has snapped me out of that space several times: Life doesn’t happen TO us; it happens THROUGH us.  I don’t remember where that phrase originated, but I know my grandmother in the spirit realm brought it to my attention several times. 


It makes me feel more powerful.  This is a good reminder that, oh yes, I am in charge of my life.  That doesn’t mean I need to control the outside world because I very clearly cannot.  But what I can do is manage how I respond to whatever life throws at me at any moment.  It’s all perception. 


It strikes a nerve, doesn’t it?  It implies that I am responsible for the direction of my life, and sometimes, things that aren’t so great will happen, but what I’m going to do with that is up to me.  It’s hard! Maybe I want things to work out without doing the work! Cue, Why me?! and a path of negativity, resentment, and despair.  That’s how it has shown up for me anyway. 


When I feel like it’s all just too hard, that this is all just too much for one human to handle, I have learned to rest, physically rest, and help quiet my mind.  I am not a napper.  I have a busy family life.  I’ve got a lot of spoons in the cauldron! So this is challenging, but Spirit showed me that I could do it and must do it when I’m called to.    


The wisdom comes from understanding that I am in charge and that I am a co-creator.  Spirt is always on my side, ready and willing to work with me to create a life worth living and sharing.  Always in divine time.  This is one of my core truths.


Entering my 5th decade of life has been extraordinary, to say the least.  And what I’m experiencing now, what I am choosing to do with my life now, is to listen more closely.  And it feels good like I’m really onto something here!  I hope you will stay with me on this journey because I feel like it’s really going to open up in a way that helps shine the light for many people at once. 


You may have noticed some of my services have changed slightly over the past few months, and now there will be a few more changes in pricing and structure.  My Spirit Team has led me to do this since November, right after the “Witch’s New Year” on October 31st.  But sometimes I like to take my own time, but not too much before Spirit needs to start insisting in a more obvious way.


I look forward to 2024 with all of its blessings and chaos.  I am so very grateful for so many things!  You all, for sure, and if this note helps you in any way, that makes me smile.  If you think it would make someone else smile, please pass it along to them. 


In the meantime, be well, be a co-creator, and know that I am here to support you. I love to be reminded that with rest, in my resting state, I find more power and epiphanies and can hear my intuition and Spirit Guides so much more clearly.  The way they have been delivering guidance through me for clients over the past few months has been very different and more succinct; they are using more details and color in one full picture instead of several different pictures for me to describe.  That may or may not make sense to you, and that’s OK.  The takeaway is that when we are still, we are more able to experience the gifts that the Universe/Spirit/God has for us; the gifts that are meant for us to have in our own unique way.


The thoughts we have matter.  The words we use matter.  How we treat ourselves matters.  How we treat others matters.  You matter.  I matter.  Even if you don’t like me or if I don’t like you, that’s OK.  We still matter.  Less bark, more wag! 😊


Thanks for being here.  Thanks for listening. 




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