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Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic Energy Healing helps you re-connect and re-member who you are on a cellular level.  Our Ancestors believed that if you’re not feeling “right” in your physical body, then the “Light” energetic body needs tending to. This full mind, body and soul experience brings you back to living authentically and joyfully.


Shamanic Energy Healing

I work with my Compassionate Spirit Guides and Power Animals to help bring you back to whom you are meant to be and to feel re-aligned.  These healing Journeys may include meeting with your Power Animal and Spirit Guides; Spiritual Light Healing; Ancestral Healings; Soul Retrievals; Shamanic Merging & Channeling; Extraction, Healing & Alignment; Working with Nature Spirits; Healing with the Elements; Shamanic Psychopomp, and other Spiritual Light Shamanic Healings. 
Within two weeks of your Shamanic Healing experience, I connect with you to check in and see how you are integrating and assimilating. This is a recommended service and not required.

If you're not sure what (or which) healing path is meant for you, book a call with me. 


In Person & Remote Sessions | 2 Hours | $444

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Feeling Out of Alignment?

Here are just a few things you may be experiencing that a shamanic healing can help you with:

  • Feel lost in life and struggle to find your purpose

  • Have consistent difficulty concentrating

  • Feel like you have a “dark cloud” over your head

  • Feel like you are clumsy - you’re constantly bumping into things or tripping

  • Persistent anxiety and depression

  • Feel like you are living in a “fog” or like your head is always in the clouds

  • Have difficulty concentrating on even minor tasks

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"I can’t recommend Julie enough.  She is extraordinary in her abilities and intuitive nature, and her generous heart is embedded in the service she provides.  She is responsive and professional and clearly invested in sharing her gifts, giving an honest, personal, and meaningful reading to anyone fortunate enough to receive a service from her."


- Kris, Brooklyn, NY

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