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Intuitive Guidance & Healing

As a Psychic Medium and Shamanic Practitioner, I am led by my Compassionate Spirit Guides and our loved ones who have crossed over to help you on YOUR specific healing journey.  

Intuitive Guidance & Healing

  Intuitive Guidance & Healing Sessions extend to you a close, personalized reading and healing addressing your questions, concerns, and curiosities about what lies within and what lies ahead.  These can be used for personal, professional, or spiritual purposes.  We will go deep! Bring your questions, an open mind, and a willingness to surrender.  Thank you for trusting me

In Person Session | 60 Minutes | $250

Remote Session | 60 Minutes | $250

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Quarterly Bundle

​​If you are looking to change your life’s trajectory with powerful and intentional work and divine guidance, this is the investment bundle you need.  These four (4) sessions are meant to be built upon every quarter (3 months) to help you gain clarity, insight, and understanding of your life's path and purpose.  These sessions remind you that you are in the Driver’s Seat of your Life! Which road will you choose? Let’s go for a ride! These sessions can be used for spiritual, business, or personal endeavors.

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"I had a Soul Reading with Julie and it was nothing short of life-changing! I laughed, I cried, I gasped! … My reading with Julie was self-care and healing at it’s best. I can’t recommend it enough."

- A.K. Durham, NH

"Julie absolutely blew me away. She contacted those who I most needed to hear from in order to begin the process of getting unstuck from grief and depression. She also predicted travels that had only been fleeting fantasies in my mind and that later seemed to fall into place as if through divine intervention. The reading itself also seemed to be the official start of a period of rapid healing and growth that I would subsequently experience."
- Melanie, London

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