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Please Don't Leave

I have a hard time responding to things right away. I’ll go quiet, retreat, and keep to myself till I know what I need to say- if anything. As someone conditioned to RE-act to most things in life and finally understands the advantage and power of RE-sponding to situations instead, I wait. I remain faithful to this uncomfortable place of being because the overwhelming sense of – If I process first, then respond, I’ll be in a better position to help others- is my guiding light.

The past 2.5 years have brought to my personal shores, covid, death, fear, insecurity, and cancer. Sadly, these scenarios are not unique to me. However, these past 2.5 years have also brought more love into my life, appreciation, inspiration, new lifelong friends, incredible clients, validation, heartfelt gratitude, self-awareness, and an epiphany or two. These things forced me to realize that life can and will never be the same. Ever. It’s just not meant to be. I understand I am not the only one in this world experiencing this, as it’s pretty commonplace now, isn’t it? Things have changed, and I have to change with them if I want to be present in this world and live the life I am meant to be living, especially when it comes to the well-being of my family. I want to achieve balance by being a vessel of healing, joy, love, empowerment, and service to help others. I’ve been writing this “Monthly Word for May” since March. So, from March until now, many things have happened. But the highlights are: I had a wonderfully well-intentioned self-care writing retreat planned in Tuscany that I attended, contracted covid, and ended up stranded in Italy for an extra seven days since I couldn’t get on a flight back to the US without a negative covid test. And yes, I am a white girl traveling alone with a credit card and expensive travel insurance, so my situation could have been worse. I am aware. When I learned I couldn’t go home, my first thoughts went to, wait, I need to get home to see my kids. They’re expecting me. I have a field trip to chaperone, my kid’s birthday party to plan, gifts to buy, and a husband to see! [Highlight: Since my husband’s stage IV cancer diagnosis in February of 2021, this trip to Italy marked the first time I have left his side. BOOM!]. I had the US & Italian governments saying I CAN’T get home to my family? Wait, WHAT?! From here, this conversation could go in SO MANY DIRECTIONS, but I will remain intent on the overall feeling I had at the onset of this writing, which is self-empowerment and community. Because it must be said, I am 1000% certain that without the loving support, guidance, and moral and emotional support that I had while stranded in Italy, the outcome for me could have been very different. But it must be repeated, lucky for me, I was in good hands, was well supported and guided, and soon understood my situation was one I needed to be in to realize a greater truth. I had to bust out of that old skin suit that kept me in a space I could no longer be in. (Tarot enthusiasts: this was my Tower experience). But I’m still calling this the Monthly Word for May because I can do that if I want to. Because I am empowered to be me and create as many threads of empowerment in others as possible. Because that’s what will make the difference- YOU in a skin that feels right for you. YOU in a high vibration. YOU are in a world where the only thing you can control is your RESPONSE and nothing else. That is a powerful position. Claim your purpose. Be the person you want to be. Nothing is stopping you. All the more reason I write right now; here are my latest messages of love, channeling, and purpose… People need to be listened to. There’s so much shouting. Be love Be Joy Be grateful Hold space Hold faith Angels fly down continually, collecting the youngest of the souls that cross: NICUs, tragedies, war & other afflictions created by men. Angels are doing the work. Angels do what they do—no worries about us on that front. Humans exist separately for a reason. And not for nothing, but the Angels and I have been working very closely together for quite some time now! I am convinced of their love and dedication to helping. All we need to do is call them. (I can tell you many stories about these Wonderous synchronicities). What we need to learn as a collective is how to connect to our Guides, Angels, and our Higher Selves and realize the divine in each heartbeat we feel. Believe it or not, we humans used to live our lives more wholly in this way. We understood that there is more to life than what we can see or touch- and that those things are equally crucial to living a balanced life. Many indigenous cultures still practice this. Imagine if we all did? I understand this will not soothe the chaos of the world today or tomorrow. But if we start to strive for a more balanced life now, the time only gets closer. It is my responsibility to be who I am and do what I’m doing- walking my path and helping others—helping others to walk their path and move with the mysteries of life to be empowered and create an empowering life of love and connection and beauty and community. To love and be loved. To be supported. To come from a place of response and not fear-based reaction. To hold space for those who can’t and help those who can. To ground my feet & link into the heart of Mother Earth and connect to the higher realms, then bring the conjoined energies together as one powerful force of nature and spread that out into the world. To infuse that into every person who walks through my door or shows up on my zoom screen. Infuse LOVE. Joy. I want to help you understand that change begins within. Be the love, be the light and move wisely in the world. I will write and continue my spiritual wellness practice to help. I want to connect in person and see your face. I want to help you become the magnificent clear love-filled human you are. I can help you clean off the dust. Shine the gold. Take down the armor and help you re-dress in the finest of silks. Your vibration affects others around you. It’s clear to me that it is our responsibility to RAISE that vibration to create more love and compassion in the world. DO you have any idea what could happen in this world if we all did what we had to do to become emotionally, spiritually, and physically balanced? Self-love leads to a higher vibration, leads to a ripple effect, and leads to empowered beings moving forward, taking steps, and answering the fire in their bellies to become the One they are meant to be. YOU are your OWN soul mate. Powerful vibrations command a sense of respect and action and peaceful flow. I’ve seen this in so many visions and versions of the world. It can be done. Ancestors, help us. Spirit, help us. Universe, God, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, help us. Help us realize our strength, power, and capability to create the world we want to live in. I will not be defeated. I mourn with everyone else, and I send my mourning into the heart of Mother Earth to use as compost to turn it into something useful in the world. I am gifted with resilience, strength, and gentle guidance in return. And it shall be done. It has been done. Communicate Collaborate We are meant to be living in this world. We must feel the feelings; we can be in the world without becoming a product of fear, intimidation, and hatred. Believe it or not, there are more of Us willing to change and learn and love and act than there are those who hate and live in greed and fear. And it shall be done. It has been done. This has all been done before. Various degrees of atrocities. Unthinkable. Unimaginable. Savage. The stuff of nightmares. Our ancestors have seen it all. Yet, they continued. They responded. They moved forward knowing that change may not be in their lifetime, but it’s worth it to move forward anyway, for the sake of the next 7 generations. Reclaim our power, our voice, our LOVE for one another. We have the capacity and capability to UPSCALE and emerge as a powerful and unified vibration. When we empower ourselves, we empower each other. I am the light The light is within me The light surrounds me The light heals me and makes me whole As above, so below. And so it is. Thanks for listening. Love, Julie.

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