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I love the quiet and dark of the winter solstice. I love the deep contemplation and cozy feeling of having a brand new opportunity to look at how I want my life to be the following year- when the hermit comes out of her cave, flashing a lantern to illuminate her wisdom and healing to the world. I love having another chance at things, taking all the knowledge gained from one year and learning how to bring it forward with fresh eyes into the following year. It’s when I feel the most at home in my abilities and humbly fall in gratitude as I partner with Spirit to think about “how can I serve better this year, to help heal others? How can I live the best life possible as a woman, as a writer, as a wife, a mom, and a healer?

I can trace how my life has gone by reflecting on the year’s previous winter solstice contemplations. Especially when we were all forced into our caves starting in 2020, and some are still there, not quite ready to emerge.

I remember last winter's solstice. All I prayed for was a healthy husband. I still had a fear of losing him to cancer that would leave me feeling hollow, alone, and desperate. I emphasized what I was afraid of and didn’t want to lose as opposed to the blessings we had together. I see this equivalent of holding my hand out to the universe, asking WHERE’S GOD? when my hand remains empty. I believe god is within. It’s our soul. To activate that god self, we must partner with it and be as kind to it as we are to our best friend. I am not afraid of or in control of outcomes, only my responses to them. There are always lessons to be learned, and some take longer to figure out.

These past few weeks on the cancer journey have been especially challenging. As I sit in the current energies of the solstice and Mother Earth, I understand that blessings will come from these recent challenges. I know that when we focus on what is and what we can do to make "it" better, the universe opens up, and energy shifts. Blessings arrive, even if, at first, they don’t look like what we want them to look like.

On the other hand, during last year's solstice, I brought more focused energy to expanding my healing practice and helping others. Guess what? I’ve met more beautiful people willing to do the work on themselves, search for peace and purpose, and live with empowered intentions. What an honor to be by the side of these beautiful souls. Thank you.

So I think what I’m trying to say is, despite the past three months' significant challenges, I can now see them as opportunities to do things differently and better. Is it easy? Hell no. But I no longer want to feel helpless and scared. The paradox is that the more I surrender and let go of all I cannot control, the more strength and vision I amass. Synchronicities show up, friends & family come to the rescue, and negativity disappears. This is co-creating with the divine at its best, in my opinion.

Now, I reflect on what I want my 2023 to look like. I expect miracles. I hope to live my purpose with intention and gratitude. I surrender to all that is with grace by my side. When I focus on how to be fulfilled and expand, I signal to the universe/god/source and all that is I Am Ready to commit, serve and grow. Love is always the answer.

Self-care is another critical component crucial to the process that I had to learn the hard way. Truth be told, that phrase used to make my body cringe and my eyes roll. Do you want to know why? Because I was a direct reflection of someone who didn’t know how to do it, and I knew I kept telling others to do it. We are our mirrors! I knew it was time to get my act together around self-care so I could be teaching authentically.

It’s simply not an option to NOT take care of myself as well as I take care of others. 2023 will demand that we stand in our highest vibration. It’s the perfect opportunity NOW to look at what you want and ask how you can best assist yourself in making that happen. We are in partnership with the universe. We aren’t given anything; we co-create and surrender to receive the gifts. I believe this to be true.

We are great vessels of receiving when we take care of ourselves. When we give ourselves space to breathe, think, and be in nature- even if it’s looking at pictures online of cute kittens or seascapes at dusk…. It’s an individual decision to want to live with purpose and power.

Like many of you, I, too, feel the weight of the world at times. When it’s all too much, I can fall into a downward spiral of sadness watching humanity seemingly eat itself alive. So what do I do when that happens? I shift. I trust. I remember that I am here to be a part of the solution; I am not here to be a part of the problem.

I offer meditations of love and healing to the world for all who need It. Certain tragedies hit me harder than others, so I offer overflowing love to the world, specifically to my trigger points. Sometimes it’s even a signal that I have more shadow work to be done than previously thought. I sit in meditation, visualizing an outpouring, a complete satiation of love for that particular place and population. Also, my monthly charitable donations can shift, even if it’s adding $5 a month for a cause that pulls me, or maybe it means replacing a charity completely. It’s what I do to help raise the vibration in my small way. It counts. And it can look different for each person. It all matters.

It's important to serve and give back in a meaningful way. If I feel like I am doing something out of obligation and not from my heart source, then I know I need to SHIFT again.

We ALL have something to offer, something to bring to the table. Imagine if we were so true to ourselves and our purpose what that table would look like?! Let’s make 2023 a grand feast together!

I wish you a very peaceful love filled solstice season.

Thanks for listening.



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