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When Women Gather

When women gather, profoundly interesting things happen.

Women are naturally intuitive. As individuals, we are magical. As a collective, we are powerfully influential.

Yet sometimes, we need a space to go where we can safely explore aspects of our intuitive nature and talk about our spiritual experiences.

Women Gathering at The Spiritual Wellness Center is such a space.

Join me and my lovely fellow light worker healer friends Laura Edelman of One Light Holistic Healing and Caroline Nielson of Beech Tree Integrative Healing to answer the questions you don’t want to ask just anyone.

This is the first of hopefully many WWG and other events held at The Spiritual Wellness Center! Register now! Space is limited.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 10, 6 pm-8 pm

WHERE: The Spiritual Wellness Center, Exeter, NH


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