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What is Getting Ready to Emerge?

Updated: May 31, 2022

This is my dominating thought as of late.

The new moon was on Sept 17. 2 days after my mom’s birthday, 8 days before my own.

The new moon is the time and space that shows us what to build up, what to focus on. The new Moon is the perfect time for INTENTION setting.

So what IS getting ready to emerge? What is this shift we are all feeling? What do I do as I sit in this liminal space and feel all the feels? Where do I put this anxious energy from not knowing? HOW do I get comfortable in such an uncomfortable space?

Global shifts are happening. Individual transformations are happening. We are challenging our own thoughts processes. We are questioning our mores, our purpose and asking where we fit into this world right now. These are all related and interconnected. How do you suppose we all feel something at the same time?

We are in the birth canal of the Universe.

Now, collectively and individually, and as one interconnected being, we are experiencing the birthing pains of bringing something new and beautiful into existence. We are feeling the contractions, the cramps, the back pain. We are sweating, grinding our teeth, yelling, swearing at those we love most. We are crying. We are pissed. We are vulnerable. We are scared.

Yet, we persevere.

We still give birth.

We still recognize the miracle and hold it in our arms.

We still find time to rest.

We feel our vessel for love expand. Even as we recover.

We are in labor now. What will you birth? What does the newly created miracle look like? Embrace it. Sing to it. Rock it. Nurture it with love and compassion. What does the newly created life that you hold in your arms look like?

From this liminal space comes miracles, new paradigms.

We realize we are resilient, we are strong, we are beautiful and we are loved.

The time to love is now. The time to see our own true magnificence is now. The time to lend a hand to hold another up, is now. The time to heal and be healed is now.

Face the darkness whilst embracing the light. Envision the world, around the earth, and activate your sacred self, the light within. See it shine so brightly that there isn’t room for anything else. The shadows grow small. The plants come back to life. The illusions dissipate. All that was becomes only a faint sound on the horizon, being carried away by the wind.

I remember a powerful time:

I remember a time of love

I remember a time of freedom

I remember a time of unity

I remember a time of purpose

I don’t remember which life time that’s from, but I feel it in my soul, my core, the vessel of light that I am. That you are. That we all are. It can be done. It’s time. I can feel it. It’s in the birth canal, emerging as we read this.

And so it is.

And so it is.

And so it is.


It’s time for me to take my healing practice off “pause” mode.

Scheduling links are up at My availability has changed significantly. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need something else.

Services have been changed and added.

Go where you feel guided. Ask Spirit and the Angels for help and then follow the breadcrumbs…

Thanks for listening.

In love and light and gratitude,

now and always,


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