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Summertime & Pancakes

August 2022

Recently I had the honor of being a guest on a podcast, chatting with a friend about all things spiritual and gratifying and what we can do to make the world a better place. This reminds me of the phrase “toxic positivity” because I see that all over the place, and it’s super irritating and very unhealthy!

To be the best we can be, we need to follow our own North Node, or North Star, answering the call, nudges, and whispers of our intuition to lead us towards our greatest path and highest good and better. We were born here, placed on this earth, in a very purposeful way. I think it’s true that the Universe always wants to work with us and to have us succeed. I believe all of that to be true, true, true, aka My Truth.

So when I feel cranky, irritated, or itchy in my own skin for no real reason, I think it’s OK, and I don’t try to fake it. I don’t say, “Everything is great!” when I feel frustrated with life. I don’t like being in this space, but when I am, I need just to be there. The challenge for me is not to take it out on other people. How does one allow that cranky to exist flanked by kids and obligations and plans? If anyone has an answer, please hit reply and let me know! I’m guilty of lashing out when I don’t feel light or right. I immediately feel bad, which sometimes makes me more cranky because I don’t like myself very much at that moment, but I try to shift my focus to the best of my ability by looking through a different lens.

For example, when my son is very fixated on making pancakes a certain way, and I am trying to “help” him in my way- which is not helpful for him at all, I need to take a breath and ask‑ how does HE need to be helped. He likes to cook; he is learning math; he’s being independent and making his breakfast- these are things to help me shift my focus, not stuffing down my frustration because he’s not doing it the way I would. It really is amazing what a couple of deep breaths do. It’s like having a lovely waterfall wash over me, ready for something new, ready for something fun and upbeat- an experience to bond with my son and an understanding that the Universe is conspiring with me to have a loving encounter. Then it’s a win-win. And c’mon, it's just PANCAKES!!!!

When you get frustrated, try to remember that everyone is doing the best they can. Patience, breath, and compassion can go a long way to building a peaceful environment.

And besides, I don’t want to be mad. Sometimes I do, and I allow it, but most of the time, I don’t. I’ll let myself get angry at things like cancer, autism, and human rights violations, and I’ll let it out, write, vote, send reiki out into the world … all the things I feel I can do to contribute to a calmer existence for myself. But living in a state of the general malaise of being cranky is just yuck.

So what do I need to do to have the Universe work with me to create more peace, joy, and contentment in my life? I start with a breath. Our breath is like magic.

I look forward to learning more about breathwork and incorporating it into my self-care routine. It’s pretty incredible.

For me, summer is a time for slowing down, hurrying up, keeping kids occupied while I work, and sleeping in all at the same time! Watching my son make pancakes his way, at his pace, through his lens, is a lot more conducive to embracing the present moment, the memory of him making pancakes at his great aunt’s house in Maine. That is a joy! And being present like that allows me to observe and follow my North Star around my kids, which is trying my absolute best to be a patient, loving and encouraging mother. And also, let's face it, the more these kids do on their own, and the less I need to be involved, the more they will be ready to shine their light into the world.

Thanks for listening.



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