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Hawks, High Priests and Divine Love

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

How do we know when we’ve reached a plateau of knowledge and experience? How do we discern between the time to keep moving and when we need to stick it out? How do we know when it’s time to look for other avenues that bring us to new heights and ideas? Speaking of heights, three big, beautiful fluffy hawks have greeted me in the past 12 hours. What does this mean? In shamanic practices, Hawk medicine reminds us to listen for messages from spirit that can come to us in any form. Hawk also offers us the vision of the big picture, from high above. Melchizedek (a High Priest who assists us earthlings with ascension) and the Divine Director (a part of the heart of Creator) have also visited me in the past 12 hours.  Something is happening.  I know that.  But what? And who says I want it? I mean, is it so wrong to just want to stay in my own lane and move out of the way every now and then for the occasional interloper? Maybe I just need to keep an eye out for the person who doesn’t use their ticker before they change lanes. Problem is, the next thing I know, my lane is overcrowded, disturbed by all kinds of nut jobs and noise and inconsiderate people.  Now all I get for staying in my lane is irritated.  This is the essence and nature of individual and collective shifts.  When we think only of ourselves and our desire to be comfortable and undisturbed, we are usually looking in our own reflecting pool of fear; it shows a lot of ripples and we don’t look for very long.  What would we see if we waited long enough for the ripples to pass and see a clear reflection?  The fear of what actually might happen if we pay attention to that nudge is real.  But remember, it’s that voice inside of us that says, “take a closer look at your desires, talents and gifts you have to share with the world, because that is the reason why you are here.  You’re meant to be here.” Because we all have that- gifts to offer.  Of this I am certain and if you’ve followed me at all, you already know this to be true for me.  My life’s work is dedicated to helping people find that magic and light in themselves. It’s my greatest hope for humanity that we all find it. There was a time not long ago when I was experiencing nudges (pushes) from spirit to move forward, to move up and to do more, but I simply didn’t want to.  I didn’t want to listen.   I had a lovely office, lovely clients, and a lovely routine. Even if that routine made me itchy at times.  (“WHY so itchy?!” is what I needed to ask back then!).  I’ll just stay in my lane, I told myself.  I’ll be here, stay out of the way, and keep doing what I’m doing, dodging the occasional bad driver.  Funny thing about that…. despite my own ignorance and ego wanting things to remain exactly as they were, even though I committed to myself and to spirit to surrender and become the best person and healer I could be, for my highest good and better, I was reminded that not listening to my inner truth/soul speak always proves to be very undesirable and even more uncomfortable than my biggest fear or inconvenience. What happened? Well, the overhead on my “perfect” space became too much as my client list grew inexplicably quiet.  My meditations fell flat the more I felt sorry for myself. I was increasingly uncomfortable with just living and getting tired of hearing myself complain.  And the hip and leg pain was just too obvious; that was my own fear of moving forward. Also at this time, one of my kids was having a really, really hard time at school.   And, of course, &^%$#@ COVID. I have other platforms where I talk about healing stories about COVID and I’ve mentioned it here and there in this forum.  I don’t need to go on about that, that’s not the messaging for today.  But what is coming through for today is that sometimes staying in our own lane for too long simply makes us unaware of our own surroundings, a type of willful ignorance, that we begin to hurt ourselves.  And when we hurt, we tend to hurt others around us, willingly and unwillingly. For instance, I needed to be present in such a way for my child that could not happen because my own inner voice and way of being, my essence, wasn’t present.  I was turning their experience into my drama.  I mean, obviously, I was there for them, I just wasn’t as effective as I needed to be.  I wasn’t paying the kind of attention that needed to be paid because I was too worried about why things weren’t working for me in my lane and oh great, now I have to deal with this!     Now, this doesn’t mean that my child wouldn’t have had the same complications and experiences they had if I had not been ignoring all signs and signals from spirit that I needed to move on.  And ultimately, we did make a move that has benefitted them 1,000 fold.  However, as a fellow human being of divine light, I know that if I keep my vibration high, then those around me, especially my family, especially my children, can begin to feel their vibration become stronger and more stable, too. Everything is energy.  And where or how that energy manifests and looks like means different things to different people. But whomever you are, self-sacrificing behaviors and martyrdom is low vibration (think of the expression “low hanging fruit”).  Strength and high vibration is in knowing there is a divine direction for each door we open.  The nudges we get from spirit (enter Melchizedek, 3 hawks and the Divine Director) show up to help us understand when we need to move into another lane, and allow someone else to take that spot for us.  We’ve simply outgrown it.  We have proven as a collective that compassion combined with action is a sacred combination of strength and light. We don’t get there without looking at the dark, the shadow, the fear of what’s holding us back.  Looking back, thank goodness I let go.   I’ve grown so much since then and really love where I am.  How many times have you had someone ask- pray for me! Pray for my loved ones!  because they are experiencing some kind of illness or hard time?  I don’t think this comes from desperation.  I think this comes from our own inner knowing that we understand the power of compassion and love mixed with intention and connection. Intention impacts the greater consciousness.  Some people’s poor health has improved and collective prayer has been credited.  Others have avoided natural or manmade disasters, and have also credited collective prayer as the reason for survival.  When someone transitions to the spirit world, we instinctively feel softer, and ask for prayers of a peaceful passing.  These are not wild phenomenas.  They are our natural states of being. It’s important to listen. Intervention and purpose.  Inner study and progress.  These are natural processes for we spirits having a human experience in this world.  I am most grateful for my own ignorance during that time, as it’s made me so much wiser in the present, and a better parent.  So, now, when Hawk medicine, Melchizedek and the Divine Director come to visit, I understand that it’s time to look at the blinding gold white light beyond the door that’s been cracked open for me. Thanks for reading. Love, Julie. Decks used as part of this month’s Word are “Keepers of the Light” from Kyle Gray and “The Spirit Animal Oracle” from Colette Baron Reid.

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