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Updated: May 31, 2022

It’s September 3, 2019 and the air has a slightly damp chill in it from the morning dew but the petals from the vase full of sunflowers on my writing table are beginning to drop. I still hear the “Hot Bugs” making their noises outside in the trees, one last attempt at breeding and then falling back into the earth to be transformed and composted. Do they expect to do that? To fulfill their destiny here on this earth plane? Do they question what their life path is?

I expect each day of September to be different here in New England. Today we may need the fan. Tomorrow I may need socks. Always I expect miracles. Always I expect the trees to greet me in the morning when I drink my coffee. Always I must give back in order to keep receiving the blessings I receive on a daily basis.

How our life is and what we thought it would be may be two different things. Sometimes we get what we want and sometimes we get what we need. When we were young, many (hopefully well intentioned) people told us what was expected of us- good manners, be nice, don’t rock the boat, be kind, be successful which means make lots of money, have a nice house and a nice car, don’t hang out with the wrong crowd, you will be guilty by association, always tell the truth. Expectancy.

Do we expect a good life even if we don’t work for it? Do we expect good things to happen to us because we did all that was expected of us? Do we expect to get what we want if we never give, only ever just performing for the masses? Giving is just as important as receiving. Receiving is just as important as giving. The Universe loves gratitude and love. It values reciprocity. What do you expect?

A significant life lesson I learned long ago about expectations is this: expectations must be managed! You cannot expect something from someone who is not willing to or able to give you what you need. You cannot expect someone to better their lives if they don’t want to. You cannot expect someone who doesn’t love themselves to love you. You cannot expect happiness for someone who wants only to live in martyrdom. You cannot expect prosperity if you live in fear of loss and lack.

Expectancy. You know what I expect? I expect all good things lie before me. I expect to be prosperous and healed. I expect to get what I put out. If I put out junk vibrations into the ethers, I expect to get junk. When I put out love and joy, I get love and joy back. I also expect MYSELF to strive every day, no matter how hard, to live in love and gratitude. I wake up every day with a quick start- such are the circumstances of life with my young children right now- BUT, I always, at the very least, say, “Thank you, Great Spirit for another beautiful day” before putting my feet on the floor. I’m working on that a little more all the time, but right now I expect that will be enough.

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