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Updated: May 31, 2022

1 CUNNINGWOMAN Silent. Observant. Wily. The Faery Forest, An Oracle of the Wild Green World. Lucy Cavendish

What jumps out at me as I read the card’s meaning in the accompanying book: Now is not the time for talking or action… Be watchful… Be still… Be shrewd… Now is not the time to share, offer tender secrets or share what you know… Hide yourself and begin to see the truth…

Well, this can be a little tricky, can’t it? This year I’ve been trying to help keep myself and my family together as we all navigate difficult waters together. I’m also running my healing practice, which necessitates my being in alignment with Spirit so I can be present to serve and to heal; and I know I am being pulled towards changing what this looks like for me and my practice. All very challenging when there seems to be more obstacles in a day than blessings. So at first glance, it seems this card isn’t very inspiring. Is it telling me to run and hide from my problems?

Or, maybe it shows up because I need to take a closer look at what it is I’m seeing and feeling. This is a good exercise in telling the brain to move over and let the soul feel into this card, and the meaning and message it has for me. When I close my eyes and take a deep breath, this is what comes to me:

The universe acts in mysterious and wonderful ways. One day we can curse it all because we are hurting, we are angry, and we are upset. We feel we need to project our disappointment about something towards something outside of us. Oh how very ego-driven and human! And we feel justified doing so! We say, why me?! I want this pain to go away- I don’t want to feel!! We say, this isn’t fair! We even say- why is this happening?!

Other days, smiles are everywhere you turn, abundance is evident everywhere and we say Ahhhh, life is good! What a beautiful day! How did I get so lucky?!

So what’s the difference between those two kinds of days? Perspective.

Have you ever noticed that when you are grumpy, and angry, and you carry that feeling in you that nothing else goes right that day, either? The lines are too long, all the jerks are out driving on the road the same time you are, nobody knows what they’re doing, the stupid computer won’t do what it’s supposed to…

And then on days when all is golden, you are patient, kinder, gentler…. You let the person in front of you go ahead, you don’t mind the long line because you say “well, maybe they’re new and are just learning at the register”.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience on this planet. Having good days and bad days are part of that experience. But I find the more aligned I am with knowing that there is spirit inside of me, that I am here to serve a specific purpose, no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes, I am able to feel more blessings in my day than challenges. Every person and experience I encounter on a daily basis is intentional. I truly believe that. Whether it’s a stranger in my favorite coffee shop or a message from a friend of many years ago. I find that when I embrace these opportunities, and I feel open to the mystery, I am filled with joy, and that joy affects everyone around me. Likewise, if I feel resentful, cheated, angry, closed off, then that’s what I am filled with, and that also affects the people around me. I begin to understand and re-member just how powerful I am.

When I remember that I am loved, that I am never alone, that I am blessed, I feel my heart swell and I am filled with light. I re-member that I am a divine creation. I re-member to take note that there is extraordinary beauty right in front of me; the peaceful sound of rain, a big smile after a first sip of coffee, an infectious laugh from my kids, sweet glances from my dog who just adores me no matter what… In these moments I release control and re-member that my life is divinely guided, and what I can do is be in charge of how I respond to the world around me. I am still able to see beauty and blessings while integrating the hardships and sorrows that are also around. The more gratitude I offer and feel, the more blessings I find.

I know I have successfully shifted my perspective when I don’t see long lines, but a person learning something new. I don’t bother getting angry at the computer (a machine), I see it as an opportunity to pick up a book for a while. I don’t exercise my right to yell like a drunken sailor while driving, instead I put out to the universe that I and all on the road safely reach our destinations. I find myself just smiling.

Wayne Dyer famously said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. I think I’m going to put that on a post-it on my bathroom mirror.

This particular Faery Card conjures up all of these lessons for me. It is telling me to take time to be still. To be quiet. BEGIN TO SEE THE TRUTH. How timely for the Winter Solstice, too! This is a perfect time of year to reflect on all the good that has happened during the year as we get ready to hunker down for the winter in contemplation. It’s a good time for reflection and also integration. Keep what you need, and burn in the fireplace what you don’t. Integrate new lessons learned over the past year, all blessings and challenges. What do you want to change? What do you want to seed now that can take root in the spring? I look at all I have, what I’ve lost and that which is not missed. I am grateful for all of it because I know deep in my roots that life is a gift and I am here for a purpose.

As my healer ancestors before me, I feel the power of each season, of each turn of the wheel, deeply. The earth shows me how to live a very practical yet divinely inspired life. The Winter Solstice reminds me to go inward, to make time for quiet contemplation, and welcome the short days and long nights. I am reminded to bring my loved ones close, share my abundance, and conserve my energy into what I want to create in the next 6 months. When the earth wakes up again and shows her beauty, it’s also time for me to come out of my “hiding period” and shine my light and my TRUTH out into the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Know that I appreciate you and all that you are. Many blessings to you and yours this and every season!

Love, Julie.

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