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Mentoring Program
"The Chariot"

This program is currently closed. Look for a new program soon! 

The spiritual path is a messy one.  And there will never be a more meaningful way to uncover your true purpose and passion in this lifetime.


During our time together on this six-month journey, we will explore all questions and ruminations you have concerning spirituality, divination, healing, and what a practical “spiritual” integration looks like in everyday life.  We will also explore your individual intuitive and psychic self and what role that plays on your life path. 

By the end of our time together, these are only some of the things you’ll experience:

  • Discover your intuitive abilities

  • Explore different tools to access your unique intuitive guidance

  • Learn to tap into your spiritual guidance quickly and effectively

  • Develop your spiritual practice

  • Learn how to create your own sacred space

  • Live everyday life with spiritual guidance at your fingertips

I pour my heart and soul into meeting with you every month and helping you along your unique spiritual path. These are rich experiences for Mentor and Mentee! CONTACT ME to see if this is a good fit!

"The common thread of the Chariot program was to reconnect deeply with myself.  In just six short months, Julie's generosity with which she shared her wisdom, kindness, honesty, encouragement and power, both during and outside our monthly sessions, has helped me to feel totally transformed. For the first time in my life, I feel like I know who I am and I am who I am, unapologetically and joyously. My heart beats with such gratitude for this gift, which I could never have dreamed up or planned and which Julie helped to facilitate." - Melanie, London

Six Month Mentoring Program includes:







Monthly payment plan available.


September 2022

January 2023

  • 2 Hour Monthly Meet-ups (live or virtual)

  • Weekly Mentoring Support

  • Intuitive Guidance & Healing Session

  • Shamanic Healing Teachings & Experiences as guided by my Compassionate Spirit Teachers & Guides

  • Any other intuitive teaching tool necessary for your uniquely individual program

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