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I truly honor your trust and loyalty as we walk through this world together. Please continue to raise the planet’s vibration by sharing my new website and continue your healing trajectory by booking a session. I’ve added new healing modalities and have expanded my Mentoring program. I’d also love for you to stay connected and up to date by signing up for my Monthly Word newsletter. Share with a friend! 
With joy and light,

Julie Humphreys is a renowned and trusted Shamanic Energy practitioner in Exeter, NH and the owner of The Spiritual Wellness Center.  With over two decades of shamanic healing & psychic mediumship experience, she offers unique insight and guidance for self-empowerment and healing.
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My new virtual home is ready to be shared with you!

It’s my mission to help you realize your magnificence and power in this lifetime and shine your light out into the world. I work to bring forward only the best intentions for your highest good and mine in love, light, and humor. Laughter is my favorite healing tool! So, whether you have found me intentionally or indirectly, I welcome you!  I am honored to hear your story and guide you. 

My Spiritual Wellness services include: Shamanic Healing Sessions and Journeys, Intuitive Healing & Guidance, Spiritual Development Mentoring, Integrated Energy Therapy, Tarot Readings and lessons, and Ceremonies and Retreats. 

The Spiritual Wellness Center

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