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Ceremony Offerings


Full Moon Ceremony

The full moon invites us to shed all that doesn’t serve us. This ceremony will provide insight and guidance into what that looks like for you. 

New Moon Ceremony

The new moon invites us to look at what seeds we want to plant and see grow.  This ceremony will provide insight and guidance into what that looks like for you.  

Image by Benjamin Voros
Stonehenge at Sunset

Solstice Healing Journey

The summer and winter solstices are very powerful times of the year.  Embrace that power by setting intentions and tapping into the powerful healing and activating energies Mother Earth so generously offers us.  

Equinox Healing Journey

Twice a year, night and day are equal.  Learn from Spirit how you can work with these earth energies for your highest good and better.

Image by Casey Horner

Intuitive Guidance Circles

Julie shares her gift of psychic mediumship and channeling to bring forth messages of love and guidance from ancestors and guides. (Up to 10 people)

Group Tarot Rituals

Celebrate with a tarot reading for the group as well as your own individual reading! This lively and fun experience can address all your curiosities in love, career, and wealth!


"I’ve had privilege of working with many mediums, shamans & channelers in my lifetime with varying results. It’s so hard to know who to trust! From my first reading with Julie I knew she was the real deal. Beyond having enormous integrity, honesty and compassion, she goes the extra mile to channel very personal and predictive information."


-Petra, Portland, OR


Milestone Birthday Ritual

A birthday party with flair!  Julie can walk you through suggestions and help you create your very own birthday ritual.  

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