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Updated: May 31, 2022

I. The act of writing is a sacred act. Sacred words that fail to fall from our mouth is put on to paper and out to the world is how we can deliver our very own magic or venom. Don’t be venomous. For the act of writing is so sacred that venom may sting now but it will never survive; to survive you must be read- like honoring the dead.

When we hold vigil or prayer or create an altar to our loved ones, our beloved dead, they remain alive.

Words are energy as our ancestors are energy, still living when we reach inward to feed our souls by first blessing and anointing the heart. Opening the heart space, the soul space and reach into the Divine Self to call upon the Wise Ones who walked before us. We are here to spread love. We are here to reclaim the peace and love that we know we can have and does exist.

II. Inter dimensional travel via meditation, mediumship and shamanism are all vehicles we have equipped you with to move forward and communicate. And now you have the pencil in your hand, just as you always have; we placed you there as a child, at your lonely desk, pencil in hand. Always writing and putting your words on paper instead of to sound. Your heart has always yearned for the beautiful, the mystical, the lovely and endearing… we have created you as you are. Divine Beautiful Gorgeous. Your heart is as big as the vastest universe.

All of your bleeding and suffering has been for something. The lessons have brought you closer and closer and closer and closer to the Divine Healer within. Now, you will write about it.

See the love in front of you. Be blessed. Nurture it. Tread lightly on small hearts, for they look to you for guidance and how to BE. They love you. Tell them how much you love them. For you are a Divine Healer within.

My two cents:

The above came to me fast and furiously on one particularly difficult afternoon. My frame of mind wasn’t one where I was consciously sitting down, meditating, then writing. It all just happened. I have no good description or explanation for you.

Part I seems more like me being used as the vessel for the message and part II feel more personally directed towards me. I’ve decided to leave them both. When I get a nudge from spirit to share, I know that my words are also meant to reach someone else out there. Maybe it’s you.

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